Exhibition Direct Attack - Yilu Energy Appears at Egypt Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition

Release date:2023-05-29

       From May 9th to 10th local time, the two-day Egyptian Solar Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Exhibition kicked off at the Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center. One Way Energy made its debut in Africa, attracting elites from the new energy industry from Africa and even around the world to jointly explore the technological application and future development trends of Taiyang Energy in the energy field.

       At the exhibition site, Yilu Energy showcased the latest solar photovoltaic technology and products, including solar panels, inverters, battery energy storage systems, and photovoltaic peripheral supporting products; These products not only have a significant improvement in performance, but also have a more practical design that is very user-friendly. Yilu's outstanding performance has attracted a lot of popularity in the exhibition hall and made a strong impact on the industry.